Caring for Canvas

To obtain the maximum possible life from your outdoor canvas products the following points should be noted.

Keep the fabric clean by brushing regularly, both inside and outside, with a soft brush and by hosing occasionally with clear, cold water – starting at the lower edge of the fabric and working upwards.

Do not apply soaps, detergents, cleaning fluids or insecticides.
Keep petrol, solvents, kerosene and other similar fluids away from the fabric.

Do not allow bird droppings, earth, sand or vegetable matter to remain in contact with the fabric.

Ensure that the canvas is thoroughly dry before putting away.

Should mildew spots appear, brush them off before they become attached.
Persistent mould or mildew growth should be treated with White KingĀ® solution, strictly in accordance with the instructions outlined in the product bulletin available from your re-seller or Bradmill Outdoor Fabrics.

Canvas, which has been cleaned extensively may require reproofing. Bradmill Outdoor fabrics water based “BradProof” reproofing compound is recommended for this purpose.